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Most recent PDB entries

Image   Deposition date   PDB
  23-May-11   3s5p   Crystal structure of ribose-5-phosphate isomerase b rpib fro lamblia
  19-May-11   2yjk   Structure of dps from microbacterium arborescens in the high iron form
  19-May-11   3s4k   Structure of a putative esterase rv1847/mt1895 from mycobact tuberculosis
  18-May-11   3s40   The crystal structure of a diacylglycerol kinases from bacil anthracis str. Sterne
  18-May-11   3s42   Crystal structure of the 3-dehydroquinate dehydratase (arod) salmonella enterica typhimurium lt2 with malonate and boric the active site
  17-May-11   3s2o   Fragment based discovery and optimisation of bace-1 inhibito
  16-May-11   2yin   Structure of the complex between dock2 and rac1.
  13-May-11   3s0z   Crystal structure of new delhi metallo-beta-lactamase (ndm-1
  11-May-11   3rye   Human fdps synthase in complex with a n-methyl pyridinum bisphosphonate
  11-May-11   3ryk   1.63 angstrom resolution crystal structure of dtdp-4-dehydro 3,5-epimerase (rfbc) from bacillus anthracis str. Ames with ppi bound
  11-May-11   3rys   The crystal structure of adenine deaminase (aaur1117) from arthrobacter aurescens
  11-May-11   3rz4   Hen egg-white lysozyme in hepes buffer at ph 7.5
  11-May-11   3rzf   Crystal structure of inhibitor of kappab kinase beta (i4122)

Note: Deposition date is not date of structure's release by the PDB

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