Download data

The following data files can be downloaded simply by clicking on the download link. Clicking the question-mark icon pops up a window describing the file format.

Protein names
protnames.lst Lists all PDB codes together with the protein name, date and summary experimental info.
Protein sequences
pdblib.fasta FASTA-format file of all protein sequences in the PDB.
Protein annotations
seqdata.dat Protein sequence annotations: UniProt id and accession number, E.C. number, and Gene Ontology classification.
pdb_EC Lists the E.C. number for each protein chain that has one.
Het Groups
het2pdb.lst Lists PDB files that contain each Het Group.
het_pairs.lst Lists each PDB file's Het Groups, if any
lig2pdb.lst Lists PDB files that contain each ligand.
lig_pairs.lst Lists each PDB file's ligands, if any.

If you have any specific requirements for data you would like to download, please contact: