_EC Trans-feruloyl-CoA synthase. 0 PDB entries  
EC 6.-.-.- Ligases. [1,591 PDB entries]
EC 6.2.-.- Forming carbon-sulfur bonds. [60 PDB entries]
EC 6.2.1.- Acid--thiol ligases. [60 PDB entries]
EC Trans-feruloyl-CoA synthase. [-]    

Pathway: trans-feruloyl-CoA synthase
Reaction: Ferulic acid + CoA + Atp = feruloyl-CoA + products of atp breakdown.

Ferulic acid
+ products of ATP breakdown
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Other name(s): Trans-feruloyl-CoA synthetase.
Cofactor(s): Mg(2+).
Comments: It has not yet been established whether Amp + diphosphate or adp + phosphate are formed in this reaction.
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There are no PDB entries in enzyme class E.C.