_EC 6.-.-.- Ligases. 1,591 PDB entries  
EC 6.-.-.-
The ligases catalyse the joining together of two molecules coupled with the hydrolysis of a pyrophosphate bond in ATP or a similar triphosphate. The bonds formed are often high-energy bonds.

The subclasses are defined according to the type of bond formed; the sub-subclasses are only used in the C-N ligases.

See also: [IUBMB] (Enzyme Nomenclature)

EC 6.-.-.- Ligases. [1,591 PDB entries]    
EC 6.1.-.- Forming carbon-oxygen bonds. [549 PDB entries]
EC 6.2.-.- Forming carbon-sulfur bonds. [60 PDB entries]
EC 6.3.-.- Forming carbon-nitrogen bonds. [803 PDB entries]
EC 6.4.-.- Forming carbon-carbon bonds. [95 PDB entries]
EC 6.5.-.- Forming phosphoric ester bonds. [82 PDB entries]
EC 6.6.-.- Forming nitrogen-metal bonds. [2 PDB entries]