_EC 5.4.99.- Transferring other groups. 74 PDB entries  
EC 5.-.-.- Isomerases. [922 PDB entries]
EC 5.4.-.- Intramolecular transferases (mutases). [166 PDB entries]
EC 5.4.99.- Transferring other groups. [74 PDB entries]    
EC Methylaspartate mutase. [4 PDB entries]
EC Methylmalonyl-CoA mutase. [5 PDB entries]
EC 2-acetolactate mutase. [-]
EC 2-methyleneglutarate mutase. [-]
EC Chorismate mutase. [11 PDB entries]
EC Transferred entry: [-]
EC Lanosterol synthase. [1 PDB entries]
EC Cycloartenol synthase. [-]
EC UDP-galactopyranose mutase. [14 PDB entries]
EC Transferred entry: [-]
EC Isomaltulose synthase. [1 PDB entries]
EC tRNA pseudouridine(38-40) synthase. [4 PDB entries]
EC Isobutyryl-CoA mutase. [-]
EC 4-carboxymethyl-4-methylbutenolide mutase. [-]
EC (1->4)-alpha-D-glucan 1-alpha-D-glucosylmutase. [-]
EC Maltose alpha-D-glucosyltransferase. [1 PDB entries]
EC Squalene--hopene cyclase. [7 PDB entries]
EC 5-(carboxyamino)imidazole ribonucleotide mutase. [8 PDB entries]
EC 16S rRNA pseudouridine(516) synthase. [2 PDB entries]
EC 23S rRNA pseudouridine(2457) synthase. [1 PDB entries]
EC 23S rRNA pseudouridine(2604) synthase. [-]
EC 23S rRNA pseudouridine(2605) synthase. [1 PDB entries]
EC 23S rRNA pseudouridine(1911/1915/1917) synthase. [2 PDB entries]
EC 23S rRNA pseudouridine(955/2504/2580) synthase. [-]
EC tRNA pseudouridine(55) synthase. [8 PDB entries]
EC tRNA pseudouridine(65) synthase. [-]
EC tRNA pseudouridine(13) synthase. [2 PDB entries]
EC tRNA pseudouridine(32) synthase. [-]
EC 23S rRNA pseudouridine(746) synthase. [-]
EC UDP-arabinopyranose mutase. [-]
EC Thalianol synthase. [-]
EC Protostadienol synthase. [-]
EC Cucurbitadienol synthase. [-]
EC Germanicol synthase. [-]
EC Taraxerol synthase. [-]
EC Isomultiflorenol synthase. [-]
EC Dammaradiene synthase. [-]
EC Camelliol C synthase. [-]
EC Beta-amyrin synthase. [-]
EC Alpha-amyrin synthase. [-]
EC Lupeol synthase. [-]
EC tRNA pseudouridine(31) synthase. [-]
EC 21S rRNA pseudouridine(2819) synthase. [-]
EC Mitochondrial tRNA pseudouridine(27/28) synthase. [-]
EC tRNA pseudouridine(38/39) synthase. [-]
EC Shionone synthase. [-]
EC Parkeol synthase. [-]
EC Achilleol B synthase. [-]
EC Glutinol synthase. [-]
EC Friedelin synthase. [-]
EC Baccharis oxide synthase. [-]
EC Alpha-seco-amyrin synthase. [-]
EC Marneral synthase. [-]
EC Beta-seco-amyrin synthase. [-]
EC Delta-amyrin synthase. [-]
EC Tirucalladienol synthase. [-]
EC Baruol synthase. [-]
EC Methylornithine synthase. [-]
EC dTDP-fucopyranose mutase. [-]
EC Cobalt-precorrin-8 methylmutase. [-]
EC Precorrin-8X methylmutase. [1 PDB entries]
EC D-ribose pyranase. [1 PDB entries]
EC 5.4.99.n1 Transferred entry: [-]
EC 5.4.99.n2 Transferred entry: [-]

[-] signifies that there are no PDB entries for the given enzyme subclass