_EC 5.-.-.- Isomerases. 2,272 PDB entries  
EC 5.-.-.-
The isomerases catalyse geometric or structural changes within one molecule.

According to the type of isomerism, they may be called racemases, epimerases, cis-tran-isomerases, isomerases, tautomerases, mutases or cylcoisomerases.

The subclasses are defined according to the type of isomerism, the sub-subclasses to the type of substrates.

See also: [IUBMB] (Enzyme Nomenclature)

EC 5.-.-.- Isomerases. [2,272 PDB entries]    
EC 5.1.-.- Racemases and epimerases. [296 PDB entries]
EC 5.2.-.- Cis-trans-isomerases. [443 PDB entries]
EC 5.3.-.- Intramolecular oxidoreductases. [867 PDB entries]
EC 5.4.-.- Intramolecular transferases (mutases). [417 PDB entries]
EC 5.5.-.- Intramolecular lyases. [59 PDB entries]
EC 5.99.-.- Other isomerases. [190 PDB entries]