_EC (-)-beta-pinene synthase. 0 PDB entries  
EC 4.-.-.- Lyases. [3,636 PDB entries]
EC 4.2.-.- Carbon-oxygen lyases. [1,771 PDB entries]
EC 4.2.3.- Acting on phosphates. [169 PDB entries]
EC (-)-beta-pinene synthase. [-]    

Reaction: Geranyl diphosphate = (-)-beta-pinene + diphosphate.

Geranyl diphosphate
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Other name(s): (-)-(1S,5S)-pinene synthase. Beta-geraniolene synthase.
Comments: Cyclase Ii of Salvia officinalis (sage) produces about equal parts (-)-alpha-pinene, (-)-beta-pinene and (-)-camphene, plus traces of other monoterpenoids. The enzyme can also use (3S)-Linalyl diphosphate (preferred to (3R)- linalyl diphosphate). The enzyme from Abies grandis (grand fir) produces roughly equal parts of (-)-alpha-pinene and (-)-beta-pinene. Cyclase Iv from Pinus contorta (lodgepole pine) produces 63% (-)- beta-pinene, 26% 3-carene, and traces of alpha-pinene. Synthase Iii from Pinus taeda (loblolly pine) forms (-)-beta-pinene
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