_EC Omptin. 1 PDB entries  
EC 3.-.-.- Hydrolases. [19,580 PDB entries]
EC 3.4.-.- Acting on peptide bonds (peptide hydrolases). [6,506 PDB entries]
EC 3.4.23.- Aspartic endopeptidases. [1,394 PDB entries]
EC Omptin. [1 PDB entries]    

Reaction: Has a virtual requirement for Arg in the P1 position and a slightly less stringent preference for this residue in the P1' position, which can also contain Lys, Gly or Val.
Other name(s): Outer membrane protein 3B. Protease A. Protease Vii.
Comments: Shows a preference for cleavage between consecutive basic amino acids, but is capable of cleavage when P1' is a non-basic residue. Belongs to peptidase family A26. Formerly Ec
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There are 1 PDB entries in enzyme class E.C.

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Crystal structure of outer membrane protease ompt from esche coli
Source: Escherichia coli. Organism_taxid: 83333. Strain: k12. Gene: ompt. Expressed in: escherichia coli bl21(de3). Expression_system_taxid: 469008.
Chains: A, B (297 residues) CATH domain: