_EC SpoIVB peptidase. 0 PDB entries  
EC 3.-.-.- Hydrolases. [21,057 PDB entries]
EC 3.4.-.- Acting on peptide bonds (peptide hydrolases). [6,846 PDB entries]
EC 3.4.21.- Serine endopeptidases. [2,535 PDB entries]
EC SpoIVB peptidase. [-]    

Reaction: Self-cleaves 52-Val-|-Asn-53, 62-Ala-|-Phe-63 and 74-Val-|-Thr-75 at the N-terminus of SpoIVB.
Other name(s): Sporulation factor Iv b protease. Stage Iv sporulation protein b.
Comments: This enzyme plays a central role in a regulatory checkpoint (the sigma(K) checkpoint), which coordinates gene expression during the later stages of spore formation in Bacillus subtilis. The enzyme activates proteolytic processing of a sporulation-specific sigma factor, pro-sigma(K), to its mature and active form, sigma(K), by self-cleavage. The enzyme is also subject to secondary proteolysis, which presumably inactivates SpoIVB. The enzyme is also essential for the formation of heat-resistant spores.
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