_EC Amylo-alpha-1,6-glucosidase. 0 PDB entries  
EC 3.-.-.- Hydrolases. [21,057 PDB entries]
EC 3.2.-.- Glycosylases. [4,107 PDB entries]
EC 3.2.1.- Glycosidases, i.e. enzymes hydrolyzing O- and S-glycosyl compound [3,582 PDB entries]
EC Amylo-alpha-1,6-glucosidase. [-]    

Reaction: Hydrolysis of (1->6)-alpha-D-glucosidic branch linkages in glycogen phosphorylase limit dextrin.
Other name(s): Amylo-1,6-glucosidase. Dextrin 6-alpha-D-glucosidase.
Comments: This enzyme hydrolyzes an unsubstituted (1->6)-alpha-glucose residue that forms a branch point on an alpha-(1->4)-linked glucose chain. The enzyme activity found in mammals and Saccharomyces cerevisiae is in a polypeptide chain containing two active centers. The other activity is similar to that of Ec, which acts on the glycogen phosphorylase limit dextrin chains to expose the single glucose residues, which the 6-alpha-glucosidase activity can then hydrolyze. Together, these two activities constitute the glycogen debranching system.
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