_EC Ribonuclease D. 1 PDB entries  
EC 3.-.-.- Hydrolases. [21,051 PDB entries]
EC 3.1.-.- Acting on ester bonds. [5,973 PDB entries]
EC 3.1.13.- Exoribonucleases producing 5'-phosphomonoesters. [940 PDB entries]
EC Ribonuclease D. [1 PDB entries]    

Reaction: Exonucleolytic cleavage that removes extra residues from the 3'-terminus of tRNA to produce 5'-mononucleotides.
Other name(s): RNase D.
Cofactor(s): Mg(2+) or cobalt cation or Mn(2+).
Comments: Alteration of the 3'-terminal base has no effect on the rate of hydrolysis whereas modification of the 3'-terminal sugar has a major effect. tRNA terminating with a 3'-phosphate is completely inactive. This enzyme can convert a tRNA precursor into a mature tRNA.
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There are 1 PDB entries in enzyme class E.C.

  PDB code Protein
Crystal structure of escherichia coli rnase d, an exoribonuclease involved in structured RNA processing
Source: Escherichia coli. Organism_taxid: 562. Gene: rnd. Expressed in: escherichia coli. Expression_system_taxid: 562.
Chain: A (375 residues) CATH domains: 3.30.420.10