_EC Protein xylosyltransferase. 0 PDB entries  
EC 2.-.-.- Transferases. [17,949 PDB entries]
EC 2.4.-.- Glycosyltransferases. [1,920 PDB entries]
EC 2.4.2.- Pentosyltransferases. [899 PDB entries]
EC Protein xylosyltransferase. [-]    

Pathway: Heparan and Chondroitin Biosynthesis
(early stages)
Reaction: Transfers a beta-D-xylosyl residue from UDP-D-xylose to the serine hydroxy group of an acceptor protein substrate.
Other name(s): UDP-D-xylose:core protein beta-D-xylosyltransferase. UDP-D-xylose:core protein xylosyltransferase. UDP-D-xylose:proteoglycan core protein beta-D-xylosyltransferase. UDP-xylose-core protein beta-D-xylosyltransferase. Uridine diphosphoxylose-core protein beta-xylosyltransferase. Uridine diphosphoxylose-protein xylosyltransferase.
Comments: Involved in the biosynthesis of the linkage region of glycosaminoglycan chains as part of proteoglycan biosynthesis (chondroitin, dermatan and heparan sulfates).
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