_EC Benzyl alcohol O-benzoyltransferase. 0 PDB entries  
EC 2.-.-.- Transferases. [17,806 PDB entries]
EC 2.3.-.- Acyltransferases. [1,198 PDB entries]
EC 2.3.1.- Transferring groups other than amino-acyl groups. [991 PDB entries]
EC Benzyl alcohol O-benzoyltransferase. [-]    

Reaction: Benzoyl-CoA + benzyl alcohol = CoA + benzyl benzoate.

benzyl alcohol
+ benzyl benzoate
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Comments: The enzyme is involved in volatile benzenoid and benzoic acid biosynthesis. The enzyme from Petunia hybrida also catalyzes the formation of 2-phenylethyl benzoate from benzoyl-CoA and 2-phenylethanol. The apparent catalytic efficiency of the enzyme from Petunia hybrida with benzoyl-CoA is almost 6-fold higher than with acetyl-CoA.
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