_EC [Methylamine--corrinoid protein] Co-methyltransferase. 0 PDB entries  
EC 2.-.-.- Transferases. [17,949 PDB entries]
EC 2.1.-.- Transferring one-carbon groups. [1,711 PDB entries]
EC 2.1.1.- Methyltransferases. [1,381 PDB entries]
EC [Methylamine--corrinoid protein] Co-methyltransferase. [-]    

Reaction: Methylamine + a [Co(I) methylamine-specific corrinoid protein] = a [methyl-Co(III) methylamine-specific corrinoid protein] + ammonia.

+ [Co(I) methylamine-specific corrinoid protein]
= [methyl-Co(III) methylamine-specific corrinoid protein]
+ ammonia
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Other name(s): Monomethylamine methyltransferase.
Comments: The enzyme, which catalyzes the transfer of a methyl group from methylamine to a methylamine-specific corrinoid protein (MtmC), is involved in methanogenesis from methylamine. The enzyme contains the unusual amino acid pyrrolysine. Methylation of the corrinoid protein requires the central cobalt to be in the Co(I) state. During methylation the cobalt is oxidized to the Co(III) state. The methylated corrinoid protein is substrate for Ec
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