_EC 3-hydroxy-4-oxoquinoline 2,4-dioxygenase. 1 PDB entries  
EC 1.-.-.- Oxidoreductases. [8,653 PDB entries]
EC 1.13.-.- Acting on single donors with incorporation of molecular oxygen. [306 PDB entries]
EC 1.13.11.- With incorporation of two atoms of oxygen. [271 PDB entries]
EC 3-hydroxy-4-oxoquinoline 2,4-dioxygenase. [1 PDB entries]    

Pathway: EC and EC
Reaction: 3-hydroxy-1H-quinolin-4-one + O(2) = N-formylanthranilate + Co.

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Other name(s): (1H)-3-hydroxy-4-oxoquinoline 2,4-dioxygenase. 3-hydroxy-4(1H)-one, 2,4-dioxygenase. 3-hydroxy-4-oxo-1,4-dihydroquinoline 2,4-dioxygenase. Quinoline-3,4-diol 2,4-dioxygenase.
Comments: Does not contain a metal center or organic cofactor. Fission of two C-C bonds: 2,4-dioxygenolytic cleavage with concomitant release of carbon monoxide. The enzyme from Pseudomonas putida is highly specific for this substrate. Formerly Ec and Ec
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There are 1 PDB entries in enzyme class E.C.

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Structure of 1h-3-hydroxy-4-oxoquinoline 2,4-dioxygenase (qd
Source: Pseudomonas putida. Organism_taxid: 303. Gene: qdo. Expressed in: escherichia coli. Expression_system_taxid: 562
Chain: A (263 residues) CATH domain: