DrugBank target: Q7L266

DrugBank target: Q7L266 (ASGL1_HUMAN)     

Example drug-target structure: 4o0h

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Isoaspartyl peptidase/L-asparaginase

Asparaginase-like protein 1, Beta-aspartyl-peptidase, Isoaspartyl dipeptidase, L-asparagine amidohydrolase, Isoaspartyl peptidase/L-asparaginase alpha chain, Isoaspartyl peptidase/L-asparaginase beta chain.


Has both L-asparaginase and beta-aspartyl peptidase activity. May be involved in the production of L-aspartate, which can act as an excitatory neurotransmitter in some brain regions. Is highly active with L-Asp beta-methyl ester. Besides, has catalytic activity toward beta-aspartyl dipeptides and their methyl esters, including beta-L-Asp-L-Phe, beta-L-Asp-L-Phe methyl ester (aspartame), beta-L-Asp-L-Ala, beta-L-Asp-L-Leu and beta-L- Asp-L-Lys. Does not have aspartylglucosaminidase activity and is inactive toward GlcNAc-L-Asn. Likewise, has no activity toward glutamine..

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Catalytic activity

L-asparagine + H(2)O = L-aspartate + NH(3).
Cleavage of a beta-linked Asp residue from the N-terminus of a polypeptide.

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Sequence length: 307 a.a.

Approved nutraceuticals targeting this protein

The DrugBank database identifies 2 nutraceuticals for this target protein:


Generic name: DB00128 l-aspartic acid
Formula: C4H7No4
Structure: There are 43 PDB structures containing this molecule of which 1 is bound to the above target protein.
Generic name: DB00174 l-asparagine
Formula: C4H8N2O3
Structure: There are no structures of this molecule in the PDB.