DB00935 : oxymetazoline

Approved drug oxymetazoline ... 2 targets DB00935

Generic name: oxymetazoline
Brand name(s): afrin, afrin cherry 12 hour nasal spray, afrin extra moisturizing 12 hour nasal spray, afrin original 12 hour nasal spray, afrin original 12 hour nose drops, afrin original 12 hour pump mist, afrin sinus 12 hour nasal spray, dristan long lasting mentholated nasal spray, dristan long lasting nasal mist, drixoral nasal solution, duramist plus up to 12 hour nasal decongestant spray, duration 12 hour nasal spray, genasal nasal spray up to 12 hour relief, hazol, iliadin, nafrine, nasal relief 12 hour nasal spray, nasivine, navasin, navisin, neo-synephrine 12 hour spray, nezeril, nostrilla 12 hour nasal decongestant, ocuclear, oxylazine, rhinofrenol, rhinolitan, sinerol, vicks sinex 12 hour nasal spray, vicks sinex 12 hour ultra fine mist for sinus relief, visine l.r, visine l.r..
Formula: C16H24N2O
IUPAC Formula: 6-Tert-Butyl-3-(4,5-Dihydro-1h-Imidazol-2-Ylmethyl)-2,4-Dimethylphenol

There are 2 target proteins defined in DrugBank for this drug.
1 of these target proteins has one or more structures in the PDB.


Target proteins

DrugBank drug Target 1:   UniProt id: P35348 (ADA1A_HUMAN)  -  Alpha-1A adrenergic receptor
  No Pfam domain assignments available for this protein.
There are no structures of the target protein in the PDB (click icon on left for list of closest matches)
DrugBank drug Target 2:   UniProt id: P08913 (ADA2A_HUMAN)  -  Alpha-2A adrenergic receptor
UniProt id: P08913    449 a.a.  
1. 1hll A     32 a.a. 32   NMR  
  2. 1hof A     32 a.a. 32   NMR  
  3. 1ho9 A     32 a.a. 31   NMR  
  4. 1hod A     32 a.a. 31   NMR  
There are no PDB entries containing oxymetazoline bound to this target protein, although there are 4 entries of the target protein (click the orange, plus icon for a list).

Key:    PfamA domain  Secondary structure  Bound drug molecule

The black crosses on the secondary structure diagrams indicate where the PDB and UniProt sequences differ.



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