DB00406 : gentian violet

Approved drug gentian violet ... 1 target DB00406

Generic name: gentian violet PDB Het Group: CVI
2 structures in PDB
Brand name(s): adergon, aizen crystal violet, aizen crystal violet extra pure, aniline violet, aniline violet pyoktanine, atmonil, avermin, axuris, badil, basic violet 3, basic violet bn, basic violet-3, bismuth violet, brilliant violet 5b, c.i. basic violet 3, calcozine violet 6bn, calcozine violet c, crystal violet 10b, crystal violet 5bo, crystal violet 6b, crystal violet 6bo, crystal violet ao, crystal violet aon, crystal violet bp, crystal violet bpc, crystal violet extra pure, crystal violet extra pure apn, crystal violet extra pure apnx, crystal violet fn, crystal violet hl2, crystal violet o, crystal violet pure dsc, crystal violet pure dsc brilliant, crystal violet ss, crystal violet technical, crystal violet usp, crystal violet base, crystal violet chloride, crystal violet chloride salt, gv-eleven, genapax, gentersal, gentiaverm, genticid, gentioletten, gvs, hecto violet r, hectograph violet sr, hexamethyl violet, hexamethylpararosaniline chloride, hidaco brilliant crystal violet, hidaco crystal violet, meroxyl-wander, meroxylan-wander, methyl violet 10b, methyl violet 10bd, methyl violet 10bk, methyl violet 10bn, methyl violet 10bns, methyl violet 10bo, methyl violet 5bno, methyl violet 5bo, methyl violet 6b, methylrosaniline chloride, mitsui crystal violet, oxiuran, oxycolor, oxyozyl, paper blue r, plastoresin violet 5bo, pyoktanin, vermicid, vianin, viocid, violet 5bo, violet 6bn, violet cp, violet xxiii, crystal violet for microscopy, gentian violet gr, gention violet alchoholic staining solution, methylrosanilinium chloride.
Formula: C25H30N3
IUPAC Formula: 4-{Bis[4-(Dimethylamino)phenyl]methylidene}-N,N-Dimethylcyclohexa-2,5-Dien-1-Iminium
PDB name: Crystal violet

There is 1 target protein defined in DrugBank for this drug.
There is 1 PDB structure containing the drug molecule bound to a protein that is not specified as a target.
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Target proteins

DrugBank drug Target 1:   Bacterial outer membrane
  No Pfam domain assignments available for this protein.
There are no structures of the target protein in the PDB (click icon on left for list of closest matches)



Other proteins with gentian violet bound in the PDB

There is 1 "non-target" protein in the PDB containing the gentian violet molecule bound. That is, the UniProt code for the protein is missing or does not match the drug target above.

Protein 1:   UniProt id: P0A0N4 ()  -  HTH-type transcriptional regulator QacR OS=Staphylococcus aureus GN=qacR PE=1 SV=1
UniProt id: P0A0N4    187 a.a.  
1jtx B,D,A,E   186 a.a. 184   X-ray 2.85 Å
The PDB contains 1 entry of gentian violet bound to this protein

Key:    PfamA domain  Secondary structure  Bound drug molecule

The black crosses on the secondary structure diagrams indicate where the PDB and UniProt sequences differ.


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