DB00199 : erythromycin

Approved drug erythromycin ... 3 targets DB00199

Generic name: erythromycin PDB Het Group: ERY
12 structures in PDB
Brand name(s): abboticin, abomacetin, ak-mycin, akne-mycin, aknin, benzamycin, benzamycin pak, bristamycin, dotycin, dumotrycin, e-base, e-glades, e-mycin, e-solve 2, emu, emgel, eritrocina, ermycin, ery-sol, ery-tab, eryc, eryc 125, eryc sprinkles, erycen, erycette, erycin, erycinum, eryderm, erygel, erymax, erypar, erythra-derm, erythro, erythro-statin, erythrogran, erythroguent, erythromast 36, erythromid, erythromycin a, erythromycin b, ethril 250, ilocaps, ilosone, ilotycin, ilotycin gluceptate, indermretcin, kesso-mycin, mephamycin, pantomicina, pfizer-e, propiocine, r-p mycin, robimycin, sansac, stiemycin, taimoxin-f, theramycin z, torlamicina, wemid, wyamycin s.
Formula: C37H67No13
IUPAC Formula: (3r,4s,5s,6r,7r,9r,11r,12r,13s,14r)-6-{[(2s,3r,4s,6r)-4-(Dimethylamino)-3-Hydroxy-6-Methyloxan-2-
PDB name: Erythromycin a

There are 3 target proteins defined in DrugBank for this drug.
1 of these target proteins has one or more structures in the PDB.
There are 4 PDB structures containing the drug molecule bound to a protein that is not specified as a target.
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Target proteins

DrugBank drug Target 1:   Bacterial outer membrane
  No Pfam domain assignments available for this protein.
There are no structures of the target protein in the PDB (click icon on left for list of closest matches)
DrugBank drug Target 2:   UniProt id: P61177 (RL22_ECO57)  -  50S ribosomal protein L22
UniProt id: P61177    110 a.a.  
There are no structures of the target protein in the PDB (click icon on left for list of closest matches)
DrugBank drug Target 3:   UniProt id: P60725 (RL4_ECO57)  -  50S ribosomal protein L4
UniProt id: P60725    200 a.a.  
1. 2vhm E     201 a.a. 200   X-ray 3.74 Å
  2. 2vhn E     201 a.a. 200   X-ray 3.74 Å
There are no PDB entries containing erythromycin bound to this target protein, although there are 2 entries of the target protein (click the orange, plus icon for a list).

Key:    PfamA domain  Secondary structure  Bound drug molecule


Other proteins with erythromycin bound in the PDB

There are 3 "non-target" proteins in the PDB containing the erythromycin molecule bound. That is, the UniProt code for the proteins is missing or does not match any of the drug targets listed above.

Protein 1:   UniProt id: P08684 ()  -  Cytochrome P450 3A4 OS=Homo sapiens GN=CYP3A4 PE=1 SV=4
UniProt id: P08684    502 a.a.  
2j0d A,B   446 a.a. 446   X-ray 2.75 Å
The PDB contains 1 entry of erythromycin bound to this protein
Protein 2:   UniProt id: Q53685 ()  -  Oleandomycin glycosyltransferase OS=Streptomyces antibioticus GN=oleD PE=1 SV=1
UniProt id: Q53685    429 a.a.  
1. 4m83 A,B   393 a.a. 389   X-ray 1.70 Å
  2. 2iyf A,B   384 a.a. 381   X-ray 1.70 Å
The PDB contains 2 entries of erythromycin bound to this protein
Protein 3:   UniProt id: Q9EVJ6 ()  -  Erythromycin resistance repressor protein OS=Escherichia coli GN=mphR(A) PE=1 SV=1
UniProt id: Q9EVJ6    193 a.a.  
3frq A,B   185 a.a. 185   X-ray 1.76 Å
The PDB contains 1 entry of erythromycin bound to this protein

Key:    PfamA domain  Secondary structure  Bound drug molecule

The black crosses on the secondary structure diagrams indicate where the PDB and UniProt sequences differ.

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