Proteins in PDB homologous to 2euaA

16 proteins (67 PDB structures) with E() < 0.001

Homologs in SwissProt

Acc   E.C. E() % id alen 190
2euaA, 2euaB, 3bzmA, 3bznAStructure And Mechanism Of Menf, The Men5. *K*E&E&E&K
3gseAMenaquinone-specific Isochorismate Synth3.6e-9851.8446 *K*E&E&E&K
3hwoA, 3hwoBEscherichia Coli Enterobactin-Specific I5. *K*E&E&E&K
1qdlAThe Anthranilate Synthase From Sulfolobu4.1.3.272e-2029.5264 *Q*E&E&E&K
3os6A, 3os6B, 3os6C, 3os6DPutative 2,3-Dihydroxybenzoate-Specific 2.2e-2030.1282 *K*E&E&E&K
2g5fA, 2g5fB, 2g5fC, 2g5fD, 3rv6A, 3rv6B, 3rv7A, 3rv7B, 3rv7C, 3rv7D, 3rv9A, 3rv9B, 3rv9C, 3rv9DThe Mbti From Mycobacterium Tuberculosis5.4.4.21e-1229.6270 *K*E&E&E&K
3rv8A, 3rv8B, 3rv8C, 3rv8D, 3st6A, 3st6B, 3st6C, 3st6DA M. Tuberculosis Salicylate Synthase, M5.4.4.21e-1229.6270 *K*E&E&E&K
3logA, 3logB, 3logC, 3logD, 3vehA, 3vehB, 3vehC, 3vehDMbti From Mycobacterium Tuberculosis5.4.4.21e-1229.6270 *K*E&E&E&K
2i6yAStructure And Mechanism Of Mycobacterium5. *K*E&E&E&K
2fn0A, 2fn0B, 2fn1A, 2fn1BYersinia Enterocolitica Salicylate Synth2.7e-1228.9263 *K*E&E&E&K
1i7qA, 1i7qC, 1i7sA, 1i7sCAnthranilate Synthase From S. Marcescens4. *Q*E&E&E&K
1i1qAThe Cooperative Allosteric Anthranilate *Q*E&E&E&K
3r75A, 3r75B, 3r76A, 3r76B2-Amino-2-Desoxyisochorismate Synthase (1e-0823.9297 *N*E&D&E&K
3r74A, 3r74B2-Amino-2-Desoxyisochorismate Synthase (1e-0823.9297 *N*E&D&E&K
3h9mAPara-Aminobenzoate Synthetase, Component1.5e-0722.6257 *Q*E&E&E--
1k0eA, 1k0eB, 1k0gA, 1k0gBThe Aminodeoxychorismate Synthase From F2.6.1.852.6e-0727.3198 --*E&E&E&K

Proteins identified as mutant are highlighted in maroon. Conservative changes in active site residues, e.g. &K, are marked in green. Non-conservative changes to active site residues (&A) are highlighted in red. Library sequence residues identical to MACie active site residues are shown in grey.

Likewise, E.C. numbers identical to the MACiE protein are shown in grey; differences in black.

Homologs in PDB for MACiE ID:

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