Proteins in PDB homologous to 1d6mA

12 proteins (36 PDB structures) with E() < 0.001

Homologs in SwissProt

Acc   E.C. E() % id alen 7
1d6mAE. Coli Dna Topoisomerase Iii5.99.1.2099.0609 *E&K*Y&R
2o19A, 2o19B, 2o54A, 2o54B, 2o59A, 2o59B, 2o5cA, 2o5cB, 2o5eA, 2o5eBE. Coli Topoisomersae Iii In Complex Wit5.99.1.2099.0609 *E&K*Y&R
1i7dANoncovalent Complex Of E.Coli Dna Topois5.99.1.2098.9609 *E&K*F&R
1cy1A, 1cy2A, 1cy6A, 1cy7A, 1cy8A, 1cy0A, 1cy4AComplex Of E.Coli Dna Topoisomerase I Wi5. *E&S*Y&R
1eclAAmino Terminal 67kda Domain Of Escherich5. *E&S*Y&R
3pwtAMutant E.Coli Topoisomerase Ia5. *E&S*Y&R
1mw8X, 1mw9XA Complex Between H365r Mutant Of 67 Kda5. *E&S*Y&R
3px7ACovalent Complex Of Topoisomerase 1a Wit6.8e-2423.3626 *E&S*X&R
2gaiA, 2gaiB, 2gajA, 2gajBFull Length Topoisomerase I From Thermot5. *E&S*Y&R
1cy9A, 1cy9B, 1cyyA, 1cyyBThe 30 Kda Fragment Of E. Coli Dna Topoi5. ----*Y&R
1gl9B, 1gl9CArchaeoglobus Fulgidus Reverse Gyrase Co3.6.4.12, *E&S*Y&R
1gkuBReverse Gyrase From Archaeoglobus Fulgid3.6.4.12, *E&S*Y&R

Proteins identified as mutant are highlighted in maroon. Conservative changes in active site residues, e.g. &K, are marked in green. Non-conservative changes to active site residues (&A) are highlighted in red. Library sequence residues identical to MACie active site residues are shown in grey.

Likewise, E.C. numbers identical to the MACiE protein are shown in grey; differences in black.

Homologs in PDB for MACiE ID:

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