MACiE Entries homologous to 1b8f

MACiE does not contain the PDB code you entered, but MACiE contains the following PDB codes that are homologous to it:

MACiE Entry: 2rjr
tyrosine 2,3-aminomutase
Species: Streptomyces globisporus
Catalytic Residues:  Tyr63A  Gly70A  
CSA Entry: 1b8f
histidine ammonia-lyase
Species: Pseudomonas putida
Catalytic Residues:  Ala142A  Ser143A  Gly144A  Tyr280A  Glu414A  

Whilst these entries are considered homologous, they differ at the Class level of the EC Classification.
The mechanisms are unlikely to be the same.