MACiE Entries by Terpenoid synthases in MACiE

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There are 8 entries.

Please note: CATH domains highlighted in bold are the catalytic domains

Entry Number Enzyme Name EC Code PDB Code CATH Code
M0253 geranyltranstransferase 1uby 1.10.600.10
M0264 squalene synthase 1ezf 1.10.600.10
M0262 trichodiene synthase 1jfg 1.10.600.10
M0089 pentalenene synthase 1ps1 1.10.600.10
M0261 aristolochene synthase 1di1 1.10.600.10
M0265 aristolochene synthase 5eat 1.10.600.10
M0263 epi-isozizaene synthase 3kb9 Unassigned
M0259 bornyl diphosphate synthase 1n20 1.10.600.10