Homologues in the CSA to MACiE Entry M0112 (3dfr)

There are 16 proteins covering 146 PDB entries

MACiE ID UniprotKB Identifier PDB Codes EC Number Enzyme Name Species
O026042bl9 2bla 2blb 2blc
dihydrofolate reductase
thymidylate synthase
Plasmodium vivax
P003741boz 1dhf 1dlr 1dls 1drf 1hfp 1hfq 1hfr 1kms 1kmv 1mvs 1mvt 1ohj 1ohk 1pd8 1pd9 1pdb 1s3u 1s3v 1s3w 1u71 1u72 1yho 2c2s 2c2t 2dhf 2w3a 2w3b 2w3m 3eig 3f8y 3f8z 3f91 3fs6 3ghc 3ghv 3ghw 3gi2 3gyf 3l3r 3n0h 3ntz 3nu0 3nxo 3nxr 3nxt 3nxv 3nxx 3nxy 3nzd 3oaf 3s3v 3s7a reductaseHomo sapiens
P003751u70 2fzj 3d80 3d84 3k45 3k47 reductaseMus musculus
P003781dr1 1dr2 1dr3 1dr4 1dr5 1dr6 1dr7 8dfr reductaseGallus gallus
P003811ao8 1bzf 1dis 1diu 1lud 2hm9 2hqp 2l28 3dfr reductaseLactobacillus casei
P043821juv reductaseEnterobacteria phage
P0A0172w9g 2w9h 3fra 3frb 3frd 3fre 3frf 3fy8 3fy9 3fyv 3fyw 3i8a 3lg4 3m08 3m09 3sqy 3sr5 3srq 3srr 3srs 3sru 3srw reductaseStaphylococcus aureus
P0A5461df7 1dg5 1dg7 1dg8 2cig reductaseMycobacterium tuberculosis
P0ABQ41ddr 1dds 1dhi 1dhj 1dra 1drb 1dre 1drh 1dyh 1dyi 1dyj 1jol 1jom 1ra1 1ra2 1ra3 1ra8 1ra9 1rb2 1rb3 1rc4 1rd7 1re7 1rf7 1rg7 1rh3 1rx1 1rx2 1rx3 1rx4 1rx5 1rx6 1rx7 1rx8 1rx9 1tdr 2ano 2anq 2d0k 2drc 2inq 3dau 3drc 3k74 3kfy 3och 3ql3 4dfr 5dfr 6dfr 7dfr reductaseEscherichia coli
P139221j3i 1j3j 1j3k 3dg8 3dga
dihydrofolate reductase
thymidylate synthase
Plasmodium falciparum
P139552w9s 2w9t reductaseStaphylococcus aureus
P150931vdr 2ith 2jyb reductaseHaloferax volcanii
P161841cd2 1daj 1dyr 1e26 1klk 1ly3 1ly4 1s3y 1vj3 2cd2 2fzh 2fzi 3cd2 3nz6 3nz9 3nza 3nzb 3nzc 4cd2 reductasePneumocystis carinii
Q277932h2q 3cl9 3clb 3hbb 3inv 3irm 3irn 3iro
dihydrofolate reductase
thymidylate synthase
Trypanosoma cruzi
Q600341cz3 1d1g reductaseThermotoga maritima