Homologues in the CSA to MACiE Entry M0165 (2sns)

There are 2 proteins covering 131 PDB entries

MACiE ID UniprotKB Identifier PDB Codes EC Number Enzyme Name Species
P006441a2t 1a2u 1a3t 1a3u 1a3v 1aex 1ena 1enc 1eqv 1ey0 1ey4 1ey5 1ey6 1ey7 1ey8 1ey9 1eya 1eyc 1eyd 1ez6 1ez8 1f2m 1f2y 1f2z 1ihz 1ii3 1jok 1joo 1joq 1jor 1kaa 1kab 1kda 1kdb 1kdc 1nsn 1nuc 1rkn 1snc 1snd 1snm 1sno 1snp 1snq 1sta 1stb 1stg 1sth 1stn 1sty 1syb 1syc 1syd 1sye 1syf 1syg 1tqo 1tr5 1tt2 1u9r 2enb 2exz 2ey1 2ey2 2ey5 2ey6 2eyf 2eyh 2eyj 2eyl 2eym 2eyo 2eyp 2f0d 2f0e 2f0f 2f0g 2f0h 2f0i 2f0j 2f0k 2f0l 2f0m 2f0n 2f0o 2f0p 2f0q 2f0s 2f0t 2f0u 2f0v 2f0w 2f3v 2f3w 2fxy 2fxz 2gsi 2khs 2nuc 2oeo 2of1 2pqe 2qdb 2rbm 2rdf 2rks 2snm 2sns 2sob 3bdc 3c1e 3c1f 3d4d 3d6c 3dhq 3dmu 3e5s 3eji 3ero 3erq 3evq 3h6m 3hej 3hzx 3itp 3lx0 3meh 3mhb 3mxp 3mz5 3nhh 3nk9 3np8 3nqt 3nuc 3nxw 3oso 3owf 3p1h 3p75 3ruz 3s9w 3shl 3sk4 3sk5 3sk6 3sk8 3sr1 3sxh 3t13 3t16 3tme 3tp5 3tp6 3tp7 3tp8 5nuc nucleaseStaphylococcus aureus
Q8NXI62oxp 3d4w 3d8g 3mvv 3qoj 3qol 3qon 3r3o nucleaseStaphylococcus aureus