Homologues in the CSA to MACiE Entry M0171 (1m4l)

There are 18 proteins covering 73 PDB entries

MACiE ID UniprotKB Identifier PDB Codes EC Number Enzyme Name Species
P007301arl 1arm 1bav 1cbx 1cps 1cpx 1ee3 1ell 1elm 1f57 1hdq 1hdu 1hee 1iy7 1m4l 1pyt 1yme 1zlh 2abz 2ctb 2ctc 2rfh 3cpa 3fvl 3fx6 3i1u 3kgq 4cpa 5cpa 6cpa 7cpa 8cpa ABos taurus
P007321cpb BBos taurus
P010751h20 4cpa
P058051fon 1pyt
P099541pca ASus scrofa
P099551nsa 1pba 1z5r 1zg7 1zg8 1zg9 2jew 2piy 2piz 2pj0 2pj1 2pj2 2pj3 2pj4 2pj5 2pj6 2pj7 2pj8 2pj9 2pja 2pjb 2pjc 3glj BSus scrofa
P150852v77 3fju AHomo sapiens
P150861kwm 1zli BHomo sapiens
P290681obr TThermoactinomyces vulgaris
P480521aye 1dtd 1o6x A2Homo sapiens
P815111dtd 1dtv 1zfi 1zfl 2abz
Q2KIG33d4u 3dgv 3osl UBos taurus
Q5EPH21zlh 1zli 2jto 2k2x 2k2y 2k2z 3d4u 3lms 3osl
Q7M3E11pyt CBos taurus
Q96IY43d66 3d67 3d68 3lms UHomo sapiens
Q9UI422bo9 2boa 2pcu