Homologues in the CSA to MACiE Entry M0041 (1dnk)

There are 7 proteins covering 10 PDB entries

MACiE ID UniprotKB Identifier PDB Codes EC Number Enzyme Name Species
P006391atn 1dnk 2a3z 2a40 2a41 2a42 2d1k 2dnj 3cjc 3dni IBos taurus
P063961c0f 1c0g 1d4x 1dej 1eqy 1esv 1h1v 1kcq 1mdu 1nlv 1nm1 1nmd 1p8x 1p8z 1sol 1t44 1yag 1yvn 2ff3 2ff6 2fh1 2fh2 2fh3 2fh4 3a5l 3a5m 3a5n 3a5o 3ci5 3cip 3cjb 3cjc 3ffk 3ffn
P427681cee 1ej5 1t84 2a3z 2k42 2ot0
P681351atn 1eqy 1esv 1h1v 1ijj 1j6z 1kxp 1lcu 1lot 1m8q 1ma9 1mvw 1nwk 1o18 1o19 1o1a 1o1b 1o1c 1o1d 1o1e 1o1f 1o1g 1p8z 1qz5 1qz6 1rdw 1rfq 1rgi 1s22 1sqk 1t44 1wua 1y64 1yxq 2a3z 2a40 2a41 2a42 2a5x 2asm 2aso 2asp 2d1k 2ff3 2ff6 2fxu 2gwj 2gwk 2hmp 2pav 2pbd 2q0r 2q0u 2q1n 2q31 2q36 2q97 2v51 2v52 2vcp 2vyp 2w49 2w4u 2y83 2yje 2yjf 2zwh 3b5u 3buz 3cjb 3cjc 3daw 3ffk 3g37 3hbt 3m1f 3m3n 3m6g 3mfp 3mn5 3tpq