Homologues in the CSA to MACiE Entry M0096 (1chm)

There are 15 proteins covering 121 PDB entries

MACiE ID UniprotKB Identifier PDB Codes EC Number Enzyme Name Species
O588851wy2 dipeptidaseNBRC 100139
P0A0781qxw 1qxy 1qxz aminopeptidaseStaphylococcus aureus
P0A5J21y1n 1yj3 3iu7 3iu8 3iu9 3pka 3pkb 3pkc 3pkd 3pke aminopeptidaseMycobacterium tuberculosis
P0AE181c21 1c22 1c23 1c24 1c27 1mat 1xnz 1yvm 2bb7 2evc 2evm 2evo 2gg0 2gg2 2gg3 2gg5 2gg7 2gg8 2gg9 2ggb 2ggc 2gtx 2gu4 2gu5 2gu6 2gu7 2mat 2p98 2p99 2p9a 2q92 2q93 2q94 2q95 2q96 3d27 3mat 4mat aminopeptidaseEscherichia coli
P129552iw2 2okn dipeptidaseHomo sapiens
P150341a16 1jaw 1m35 1n51 1w2m 1w7v 1wbq 1wl6 1wl9 1wlr 2bh3 2bha 2bhb 2bhc 2bhd 2bn7 2bws 2bwt 2bwu 2bwv 2bww 2bwx 2bwy 2v3x 2v3y 2v3z aminopeptidaseEscherichia coli
P384881chm putida
P505791b59 1b6a 1bn5 1boa 1kq0 1kq9 1qzy 1r58 1r5g 1r5h 1yw7 1yw8 1yw9 2adu 2ea2 2ea4 2ga2 2oaz aminopeptidaseHomo sapiens
P535822b3h 2b3k 2b3l 2g6p 2gz5 2nq6 2nq7 aminopeptidaseHomo sapiens
P562181wkm 1xgm 1xgn 1xgo 1xgs 2dfi aminopeptidasePyrococcus furiosus
P815351pv9 dipeptidasePyrococcus furiosus
Q8SR453fm3 3fmq 3fmr aminopeptidaseEncephalitozoon cuniculi
Q9NQW73ctz aminopeptidaseHomo sapiens