Entry M0146    pyrogallol hydroxytransferase

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Step 02

Asp174 deprotonates the bound intermediate at the C2-OH position, resulting in a isomerisation to form the diquinone form of the substrate, and a two electron reduction of the molybdenum cofactor resulting in an Mo(IV) oxidation state.

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Proton Transfer
Electron Transfer

Mechanism Components

Bond Formation
Bond Cleavage
Bond Order Change
Intermediate Formation

Amino acids involved in the reaction step.

Amino Acid Location of Function Activity Function
His144 Side Chain spectator Hydrogen Bond Donor
Electrostatic Stabiliser
Asp174 Side Chain reactant Hydrogen Bond Acceptor
Proton Acceptor
Tyr404 Side Chain spectator Hydrogen Bond Acceptor

Metal Cofactors involved in Step 02

Metal Type Metal Identity Chain Activity Function
molybdenum 4MO 902 A reactant Substrate Binding
Two Electron Acceptor

Reactive Centre

Bonds Formed Bonds Cleaved Bonds Changed in Order Atom Types Involved
The C-O bond changes from a single to double bond
The C-O bond changes from a single to double bond
The C-C bond changes from a double to single bond

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