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General Information

EC Number: (A member of the Transferases, Transferring phosphorus-containing groups, Phosphotransferases with a nitrogenous group as acceptor)

Enzyme Name: arginine kinase

Biological Species: Limulus polyphemus (Atlantic horseshoe crab)

Catalytic Chain UniprotKB Accession Codes:

Representative PDB Code: 1bg0 - TRANSITION STATE STRUCTURE OF ARGININE KINASE (Resolution = 1.86 Å).

Catalytic CATH Codes:

"Other" CATH Codes:

  • - Transferase Creatine Kinase, Chain A, domain 1

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Overall Reaction:

Image of L-arginine

Image of ATP

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Image of L-arginine phosphate

Image of ADP

L-arginine phosphate

Overall Comment: Glu314 may play the role of general acid/base instead of Glu225.

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Stepwise Description of the Reaction

Step 1Glu225 deprotonates the amine of the guanidino group, initiating a nucleophilic attack on the gamma-phosphate of ATP in a substitution reaction eliminating ADP.
Step 2The beta-phosphate of ADP deprotonates water which deprotonates Glu225 in an inferred return step.

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Catalytic Residues Involved

Type Number Chain Location of Function
Arg 126 A Side Chain
Glu 225 A Side Chain
Arg 229 A Side Chain
Cys 271 A Side Chain
Thr 273 A Side Chain
Arg 280 A Side Chain
Arg 309 A Side Chain

Metal Cofactors for M0086

Type Het group Number Chain
magnesium MG 402 x Overview


  1. G. Zhou et al. (1998), Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA, 95, 8449-8454. Transition state structure of arginine kinase: implications for catalysis of bimolecular reactions.
    Medline: 9671698

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nucleotide binding (molecular function)
catalytic activity (molecular function)
arginine kinase activity (molecular function)
ATP binding (molecular function)
cytoplasm (cellular component)
metabolic process (biological process)
kinase activity (molecular function)
phosphorylation (biological process)
transferase activity (molecular function)
transferase activity, transferring phosphorus-containing groups (molecular function)