Entry M0068    isovaleryl-CoA dehydrogenase

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Step 03

The second single electron transfer from FAD to ETF, which is facilitated by the abstraction of a proton from the FAD by an unidentified base.

It is unknown whether this reaction is reversible or not.

GIF of Reaction Step M0068.stg03

Comment: The electron acceptor in ETF is an FAD molecule. The exact mechanism of this step is unclear. Reoxidation of the enzyme facilitates release of the product.


Electron Transfer
Radical Termination
Proton Transfer

Mechanism Components

Overall Reactant Used
Bond Order Change
Bond Cleavage
Bond Formation
Intermediate Terminated
Cofactor Regenerated
Overall Product Formed

Amino acids involved in the reaction step.

Amino Acid Location of Function Activity Function
Met135 Main Chain Amide spectator Hydrogen Bond Donor
Ser136 Main Chain Amide spectator Hydrogen Bond Donor
Glu254A Side Chain spectator Not Active
Glu254A Main Chain Amide spectator Hydrogen Bond Donor

Organic Cofactors involved in the reaction step

Cofactor Type Cofactor Activity Function
FAD FAD399 reactant Hydrogen Bond Acceptor
One Electron Donor
Proton Donor

Reactive Centre

Bonds Formed Bonds Cleaved Bonds Changed in Order Atom Types Involved
The C-N bond changes from a single to double bond

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