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General Information

EC Number: (A member of the Lyases, Carbon-oxygen lyases, Hydro-lyases)

Enzyme Name: nitrile hydratase

Biological Species: Rhodococcus erythropolis (Bacteria)

Catalytic Chain UniprotKB Accession Codes:

  • P13448 - Nitrile hydratase subunit alpha
  • P13449 - Nitrile hydratase subunit beta

Representative PDB Code: 2ahj - NITRILE HYDRATASE COMPLEXED WITH NITRIC OXIDE (Resolution = 1.70 Å).

Catalytic CATH Codes:

"Other" CATH Codes:

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Overall Reaction:

Image of nitrile

Image of water

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Image of amide


Overall Comment: The enzyme is activated through a photochemical activation of water in which a bound NO is replaced with HO-.

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Stepwise Description of the Reaction

Step 1Iron activated water adds to the carbon of the nitrile molecule in a nucleophilic attack. The nitrogen then deprotonates a second water molecule.
Step 2The imidic acid intermediate undergoes tautomerisation to form the amide product.

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Catalytic Residues Involved

Type Number Chain Location of Function
Arg 56 B Side Chain

Metal Cofactors for M0057

Type Het group Number Chain
iron FE 300 A Overview


  1. M. Kobayashi et al. (2000), Curr. Opin. Chem. Biol., 4, 95-102. Nitrile hydrolases.
    Medline: 10679370

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catalytic activity (molecular function)
nitrogen compound metabolic process (biological process)
plastid (cellular component)
photosynthesis (biological process)
lyase activity (molecular function)
nitrile hydratase activity (molecular function)
metal ion binding (molecular function)
transition metal ion binding (molecular function)