Version History for M0078

Annotators:Gemma L. Holliday
Daniel E. Almonacid
Gail J. Bartlett
Date last updated:30/04/2009

Version 1.0 => Created

Version 1.1 => Hydrolysis step is now assumed to be a single step, proceeding through a tetrahedral transition state. Added reference PMID=8718855 and J Phys Chem B reference (DOI. 10.1021/jp034717). Added Ser244 which is stabilising the neutral His274.

Version 2.4 => Ser244 was incorrectly annotated according to reference 3, it's function has been changed from steric to electrostatic stabiliser (it's role is to stabilise the His235 in it's active conformation such that he His235 is able to stabilise the reaction's transition state).