Version History for M0068

Annotators:Gemma L. Holliday
Daniel E. Almonacid
Gail J. Bartlett
Date last updated:24/11/2008

Version 1.0 => Created

Version 1.1 => Added reference PMID=7601336. Added in residues main chain amide of the Glu254, also added are Ser136 and Met135, both as main chain amides, which are stabilising the negative oxygen of the FADH-. It should be noted that these two residues have been inferred from the PDB structure, and not from a direct citation in the references used. Added in two steps in which the FADH- is reduced back to FAD by two single electron transfers to electron-transferring flavoprotein (ETF). An inferred return step has also been added. Overall reaction has been updated such that the FAD is now a cofactor only, and ETF (x2) is listed in the reactants and products, and 2 protons are also produced.

Version 2.4 => The mechanism for step 3 appeared to be unsupported by the literature. Whilst we can find little direct evidence for the exact mechanism of this step, by analogy to other single electron reductions of FAD in MACiE, we have assumed that the deprotonation of the FAD facilitates the second single electron transfer from FAD to the ETF.