Version History for M0020

Annotators:Gemma L. Holliday
Daniel E. Almonacid
Gail J. Bartlett
Date last updated:06/07/2010

Version 1.0 => Created

Version 1.1 => Third step of the reaction is removed as the reference states that the re-protonation of the substrate is via a proton relay through Arg381, Glu378 and Arg402, whereas previously we had a two step mechanism for this proton transfer.

Version 2.2 => Added new reference (PMID. 12010043), added cofactor (FAD) and created a new first step in which the FAD cofactor is activated.

Version 2.3 => The stage reaction mechanism images have been corrected.

Version 2.5 => The acceptor has been identified as the tetraheme Cytochrome CymA in reference PMID:12899636 (with thanks to Graeme Reid for pointing this out). This reference has also been added. The electron acceptor in the substrates and products were also the wrong way around. This has been fixed.