Version History for M0019

Annotators:Gemma L. Holliday
Gail J. Bartlett
Daniel E. Almonacid
Date last updated:06/05/2011

Version 1.0 => Created

Version 1.1 => Added Ca2+ cofactor. Added inferred return step using a proton relay through waters in the active site between the Asp275 and Glu132 (which are approx 10 angstroms apart). Added Arg136 which affects the pKa of the Glu132.

Version 2.4 => KEGG code C05876 has been deprecated within KEGG, and replaced by G00011, this has been reflected in MACiE. Also for this reaction, the "alcohol" product (C00069) becomes G10694.

Version 3.0 => Overall comment updated to include the fact that the configuration of the anomeric carbon is inverted during the course of this reaction.