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Precorrin-8x methylmutase
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PDB entry: 1f2v
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UniProt/Swiss-Prot: P21638
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Precorrin-8x methyl mutase (CobH) catalyses the migration of a methyl group attached to C-11 of the substrate, precorrin-8x, to the adjacent C-12 to give the product hydrogenobyrinic acid (HBA).This is a step in the aerobic biosynthesis of the corrin macrocycle of vitamin B12.
CobH is one of a few known enzymes that catalyse pericyclic reactions.

His 43 protonates the nitrogen of the pyrrolenine C ring of precorrin-8x, which triggers a suprafacial [1,5]-sigmatropic rearrangement; the methyl group passes from C-11 to C-12 in a single concerted step, with the double bonds in the ring shifting position.

Return of the proton to His 43 is inferred.

Ser 17 is hydrogen bonded to His 43 and probably has a role in tuning the pKa of His 43, but this role is not yet explored in the literature.

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ResidueChainNumberUniProt numberFunctional part FunctionTargetDescription
HISA 43 43Sidechain
His 43 acts as a proton donor to the nitrogen of the C ring of the substrate. It probably also deprotonates the product at the same position.
Evidence from paper Evidence concerns Evidence type
PubMed ID 11470433 Current protein Residue is positioned appropriately (ligand position known)
PubMed ID 11470433 Current protein Conservation of residue
A stepwise mechanism may also be possible, although evidence favours the pericyclic mechanism.
Crystal structure of precorrin-8x methyl mutase.
L. W. Shipman and D. Li and C. A. Roessner and A. I. Scott and J. C. Sacchettini
Structure 9, (7) 587-96, (2001).
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