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Catalytic Site Atlas Version 2.2.12
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PDB files contained in the Catalytic Site Atlas.

CSA Entries:
1a7t, 1a8t, 1alq, 1axb, 1bc2, 1blc, 1blh, 1blm, 1blp, 1bls, 1bmc, 1bme, 1bmi, 1bsg, 1bt5, 1btl, 1bue, 1bul, 1bvt, 1bza, 1c3b, 1ck3, 1dd6, 1ddk, 1dja, 1djb, 1djc, 1dxk, 1dy6, 1e25, 1e3u, 1e4d, 1erm, 1ero, 1erq, 1esu, 1ewz, 1fcm, 1fcn, 1fco, 1fof, 1fqg, 1fr1, 1fr6, 1fsw, 1fsy, 1g56, 1g68, 1g6a, 1ga0, 1ga9, 1gce, 1ghi, 1ghm, 1ghp, 1h5x, 1h8y, 1h8z, 1hlk, 1htz, 1hzo, 1i2s, 1i2w, 1i5q, 1iel, 1iem, 1iyo, 1iyp, 1iyq, 1iys, 1jje, 1jjt, 1jt1, 1jtd, 1jtg, 1jvj, 1jwp, 1jwv, 1jwz, 1k07, 1k38, 1k4e, 1k4f, 1k54, 1k55, 1k56, 1k57, 1k6r, 1k6s, 1kds, 1kdw, 1ke0, 1ke3, 1ke4, 1kge, 1kgf, 1kgg, 1ko2, 1ko3, 1kr3, 1kvl, 1kvm, 1l0d, 1l0e, 1l0f, 1l0g, 1l2s, 1l7u, 1l9y, 1lhy, 1li0, 1li9, 1ll5, 1ll9, 1llb, 1m2x, 1m40, 1m6k, 1mbl, 1mfo, 1mqo, 1mxo, 1my8, 1n4o, 1n9b, 1nxy, 1ny0, 1nym, 1nyy, 1o07, 1o7e, 1ome, 1ong, 1onh, 1pi4, 1pi5, 1pio, 1pzo, 1pzp, 1q2p, 1q2q, 1rcj, 1rgy, 1rgz, 1s0w, 1s6r, 1shv, 1sml, 1tdg, 1tdl, 1tem, 1vgn, 1vm1, 1w7f, 1we4, 1wuo, 1wup, 1x8g, 1x8h, 1x8i, 1xgi, 1xgj, 1xpb, 1xx2, 1xxm, 1y54, 1ylj, 1ylp, 1ylt, 1ylw, 1yly, 1ylz, 1ym1, 1yms, 1ymx, 1yt4, 1zc2, 1zg4, 1zg6, 1zkj, 1znb, 2a3u, 2a49, 2aio, 2b5r, 2bc2, 2bfk, 2bfl, 2bfz, 2bg2, 2bg6, 2bg7, 2bg8, 2bga, 2blm, 2bls, 2blt, 2bmi, 2cc1, 2cn9, 2doo, 2ffy, 2fhx, 2fm6, 2fu6, 2fu7, 2fu8, 2fu9, 2g2u, 2g2w, 2gdn, 2gfj, 2gfk, 2gkl, 2gmn, 2h0t, 2h0y, 2h10, 2h5s, 2h6a, 2hb9, 2hdq, 2hdr, 2hds, 2hdu, 2hp5, 2hp6, 2hp9, 2hpb, 2i72, 2jc7, 2nxa, 2nyp, 2nze, 2nzf, 2ods, 2ov5, 2p74, 2p9v, 2qds, 2qdt, 2qin, 2qjs, 2rcx, 2rl3, 2uyx, 2wgi, 2zc7, 2zd8, 2zj9, 2znb, 2zq7, 2zq8, 2zq9, 2zqa, 2zqc, 2zqd, 3bc2, 3bfc, 3bfd, 3bfe, 3bff, 3bfg, 3blm, 3bls, 3bm6, 3byd, 3c7u, 3c7v, 3cmz, 3d4f, 3dwz, 3e2k, 3e2l, 3f9o, 3fai, 3fcz, 3fkv, 3fkw, 3g2y, 3g2z, 3g30, 3g31, 3g32, 3g34, 3g35, 3gqz, 3gr2, 3grj, 3gsg, 3gtc, 3gv9, 3gvb, 3hbr, 3i0v, 3i11, 3i13, 3i14, 3i15, 3isg, 3jyi, 3znb, 4blm, 4znb
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