Function Prediction using Structural Templates

This site provides a means of determining if a 3D protein target is a DNA-binding protein with a Helix-Turn-Helix (HTH) structural motif.
This is based on determining if:
While other DNA-binding motifs exist (Helix-loop-Helix, Helix-Hairpin-Helix), a simple HMM search is probably more efficient in their case.

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The methods upon which the above observables are generated are described in the paper

Identifying DNA binding proteins using structural motifs and the electrostatic potential
H.P. Shanahan, M.A. Garcia, S. Jones & J.M. Thornton (2004)
Submitted for publication in Nucleic Acids Research

Details of how these observables are implemented will be found in
PDNA-pred : a DNA-binding protein detector
H.P. Shanahan, C. Ferrer, S. Jones, S. Teichmann & J.M. Thornton (2004)
in preparation

Until then, please feel free to contact us.

Last Update: 10-05-2004