Metal/Site Information
Residue in MACiE* Atom in MACiE* Residue Type in MACiE Physiological
4MO 5004 xMO molybdenum molybdenum molybdopterin Electron pair acceptor
Coordinates substrate
One electron donor
Increases acidity
FS3 5005 xFE1,FE2,FE3 iron iron Fe3S4 Electron relay
FES 5006 xFE1,FE2 iron iron Fe2S2 Electron relay

*It refers to the MACiE reference pdb: 1g8k

Metal/s Properties in Resting State
4MO 5004 x
Oxidation State 6
Coordination Geometry octahedral
Coordination Number 6
Notes -
FS3 5005 x
Oxidation State 1
Coordination Geometry tetrahedral
Coordination Number 4
Notes -
FES 5006 x
Oxidation State 2
Coordination Geometry tetrahedral
Coordination Number 4
Notes -
N.B.The coordination number and the geometry refer to each single iron in the iron-sulfur cluster whereas the oxidation state is the formal oxidation state of the whole cluster.

-Hoke KR, Cobb N, Armstrong FA, Hille R
Electrochemical studies of arsenite oxidase: an unusual example of a highly cooperative two-electron molybdenum center.
Biochemistry. 2004 Feb 17;43(6):1667-74.(MEDLINE:14769044)
- Some information have been also deduced from the MACiE mechanism model