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MACiE, which stands for Mechanism, Annotation and Classification in Enzymes, is a collaborative project between the the Thornton Group at the European Bioinformatics Institute and the Mitchell Group at the University of St Andrews (initially within the Unilever Centre for Molecular Informatics part of the University of Cambridge). We have also now extended to collaboration to include the Bertini Group at the Magnetic Resonance Center (CERM) in Florence (Italy). This aspect of the collaboration incorporates the expertise of CERM with metalloproteins and we have developed Metal MACiE, a database of catalytic metal ions, with a view to understanding the functions of the roles and activity of catalytic metals in enzymes.

Enzyme-catalysed reactions are ubiquitous and essential to the chemistry of life. A great deal of knowledge, including structures, gene sequences, mechanisms, metabolic pathways and kinetic data exists, but is spread between many different databases and throughout the literature. The initial version of MACiE is completed, the world's first electronic database of the chemical mechanisms of enzymatic reactions.

Data are currently being held in ISIS/Base, CMLReact, an XML application, and MySQL. The web interface uses the MySQL implementation of MACiE, and we aim to maintain MACiE in all three environments for the foreseeable fulture. However, we expect that CMLReact and MySQL will eventually become the primary formats in which MACiE is stored and accessed.

Publications relating to MACiE

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Enzyme Mechanism Annotation and Classification
(A talk from the 13th ISMB Annual International Conference describing the information contained in our database of enzyme reaction mechanisms, given by Daniel Almonacid)

Classification and Computer Representation of Enzyme Reactions. Progress Towards the Development of MACiE
(A talk from the 226th ACS National Meeting describing our database of enzyme reaction mechanisms, given by Gemma Holliday)

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MACiE has benefited from funding from the following sources:

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