CoFactor: Coenzyme M

General information

2D representation

Coenzyme M

Key facts

Cofactor type    coenzyme
Human metabolism    not in humans
IUPAC name    2-sulfanylethanesulfonic acid
Curator    JDF


Molecular function

Coenzyme M acts as a methyl group donor in the methanogenesis reaction [1].

Chemical properties

Coenzyme M enters the methanogenesis reaction with a methyl group bound to the terminal sulphur atom (see schema above). After the transfer of the methyl group to F430, coenzyme M is a radical with an unpaired electron at the terminal sulphur atom, that later reacts with the negatively charged coenzyme B sulphur to form a disulfane radical (which transfers its unpaired electron back to the nickel atom of F430 where it originated. The CoB-S-S-CoM is then recycled by another enzyme [1],[see MACiE entry M0156 ].


Coenzyme M plays a crucial role in methanogenesis (see also cofactor F430 and coenzyme B [2].


[1] pubmed:16704345
[2] pubmed:16234924