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E.C. nameprotein-tyrosine-phosphatase
SpeciesYersinia enterocolitica (Bacteria)
E.C. Number (IntEnz)
CSA Homologues of 1ytwThere are 67 Homologs
CSA Entries With UniProtID P15273
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PDBe Entry 1ytw
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MACiE Entry M0047

Literature Report

Introduction The protein tyrosine phosphatases are a group of enzymes that remove the phosphate groups from tyrosine residues. These enzymes are important in cell signalling during growth and development and act antagonistically with the protein tyrosine kinases.
The PTP family is subdivided into several groups including the tyrosine specific receptor and non-receptor-like enzymes, the dual-specificity group, the low molecular weight PTPs and the cdc25 group. All members share the same mechanism of hydrolysis and are characterised by a CX5R sequence motif. However the cdc25 group is highly divergent. A cysteine-phosphate intermediate is formed during the reaction and is then hydrolysed. Although the different groups of PTPs are relatively divergent their active sites are highly conserved.
Mechansim The CX5R motif forms a loop that provides an oxyanion hole for the stabilisation of the phosphate group. Binding to this loop causes the movement of a conserved aspartic acid into the active site. The reaction proceeds in two steps: cys acts as a nucleophile and becomes covalently bound to the phosphate group. The PO3 is then transferred to a water molecule. The arg residue is important for the geometric orientation of the PO3.

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