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E.C. namedihydrofolate reductase
SpeciesEscherichia coli (Bacteria)
E.C. Number (IntEnz)
CSA Homologues of 1vie1vif,2gqv,2p4t,2rh2,2rk1,2rk2,
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Literature Report

IntroductionR67-plasmid encoded dihydrofolate reductase (R67-DHFR) from Escherichia coli catalyses the reduction of 7,8-dihydrofolate (DHF) to 5,6,7,8-tetrahydrofolate (THF) in the presence of NADPH. It is one of the smallest enzymes known to self-assemble into an active quaternary structure. The tetramer has an unusual pore, 25 angstroms in length that passes through the middle of the molecule and out the other side. R67-DHFR has 222 symmetry, and has a distinctive 'one site fits both' substrate and cofactor.
MechansimThe mechanism of R67-DHFR relies on a pre-protonated form of DHF being the substrate. The substrate then accepts a hydride from NADPH to form the product, THF. The catalytic residues Tyr 69, Ile 68 and Gln 67 destabilise the ground state. Lys 32 is involved in stabilising the transition state.

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ResidueChainNumberUniProtKB NumberFunctional PartFunctionTargetDescription
IleA6868macie:sideChainIle 68 acts to destabilise the ground state.
LysA3232macie:sideChainThe positively charged sidechain of Lys 32 helps to stabilise the negatively charged intermediate.
TyrA6969macie:sideChainTyr 69 acts to destabilise the ground state.
GlnA6767macie:sideChainGln 67 acts to destabilise the ground state of the substrate.

Literature References

Notes:It is not exactly known how these residues stabilise the transition state or destabilise the ground state.
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