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E.C. namemalate dehydrogenase
SpeciesEscherichia coli (Bacteria)
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CSA Homologues of 1emdThere are 123 Homologs
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Literature Report

IntroductionMalonate dehydrogenase (MDHase) catalyses the reversible oxidation of malonate to oxaloacetate, a reaction dependent upon the oxidation/reduction of NAD cofactor. The enzyme functions as an important component in the citric acid cycle in the prokaryotic cytoplasm and the malate/aspartate shuttle in eukaryotic cytoplasm.
MechansimThe enzyme catalyses the interconversion of malonate and oxaloacetate with the oxidation and reduction of the NAD cofactor. A histidine-aspartate pair form a proton relay system in the active site, which allows the histidine to act as both a general acid and general base to the substrate. In the direction of reduction, a water molecule acts as the proton donor while in the direction of oxidation the 2-hydroxy group of the substrate acts as the donor.

Catalytic Sites for 1emd

Annotated By Reference To The Literature - Site 1 (Perform Site Search)
ResidueChainNumberUniProtKB NumberFunctional PartFunctionTargetDescription
HisA177177macie:sideChainThe residue acts as a general base towards the 2-hydroyl group of the oxaloacetate in the direction of oxidation, and as a general acid in the direction of reduction. It is involved in a proton relay mechanism with Asp 150.
AspA150150macie:sideChainThe residue acts to relay a proton from a water molecule to the His 195 residue in reduction of oxaloacetate to malate.

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