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E.C. namecarbonate dehydratase
SpeciesHomo sapiens (Human)
E.C. Number (IntEnz)
CSA Homologues of 1ca2There are 321 Homologs
CSA Entries With UniProtID P00918
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MACiE Entry M0216

Literature Report

IntroductionCarbonic acid anhydrase is able to catalyse the conversion of carbon dioxide to carbonic acid and vice versa. This is important in metabolism because it enables the creation of carbonic acid, a very important buffer in the blood which has a vital role in human physiology.
MechansimThe reaction proceeds in two steps. First, an OH- bound to the Zinc ion attacks the carbon dioxide substrate forming bicarbonate and leaving a water at the Zinc ion. Polarisation of the C=O bond of carbon dioxide is achieved by Thr 199. Following this step, the OH- is regenerated by deprotonation of a water molecule by His 64, with Zinc acting to increase the polarity of the OH bond by withdrawing electrons from the oxygen atom.

Catalytic Sites for 1ca2

Annotated By Reference To The Literature - Site 2 (Perform Site Search)
ResidueChainNumberUniProtKB NumberFunctional PartFunctionTargetDescription
ThrA199macie:sideChainThe interaction between the Thr199 and hydroxide serve to enhance the nucleophilicity of the hydroxide and help orient the substrate (CO2) in the active site.
HisA6464macie:sideChainIs able to deprotonate a water molecule allowing the formation of the catalytic nucleophile OH-.
GluA106macie:sideChainHydrogen bonds to the hydroxyl of Thr199, activiating it

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