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E.C. namelaccase
SpeciesCoprinus cinereus ()
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Literature Report

IntroductionLaccase catalyses the oxidation of a variety of organic substrates coupled to the reduction of oxygen to water, using three precisely positioned copper ions. It is widely believed to be the simplest representative of the ubiquitous blue multi-copper oxidase family. Laccase is implicated in a wide spectrum of biological activities and, in particular, plays a key role in morphogenesis, development and lignin metabolism in fungi and plants.
MechansimElectron transport chains around the active site couple the oxidation of various substrates with the reduction of oxygen to water. The most favoured pathway is predicted to start at one copper ion, then go from the sulphur of Cys452 to its carbonyl oxygen, then via a hydrogen bond to the N-delta-1 of His451, which is coordinated to another copper ion.

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Annotated By Reference To The Literature - Site 1 (Perform Site Search)
ResidueChainNumberUniProtKB NumberFunctional PartFunctionTargetDescription
CysA452470macie:sideChainPart of the electron transport chain.
CysA452470macie:mainChainCarbonylPart of the electron transport chain.
HisA451469macie:sideChainPart of the electron transport chain.

Literature References

Notes:There may be a second half to the electron transport chain involving Cu903 and the sidechain, carbonyl and amide of His453, but I could not find any evidence of this.
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Acta Crystallogr Sect F Struct Biol Cryst Commun 2005 61 205-207
PubMed: 16510995
Piontek K
Crystal structure of a laccase from the fungus Trametes versicolor at 1.90-A resolution containing a full complement of coppers.
J Biol Chem 2002 277 37663-37669
PubMed: 12163489