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E.C. namemicrococcal nuclease
SpeciesStaphylococcus aureus (Bacteria)
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Literature Report

IntroductionStaphyloccal nuclease is a Ca2+ activated phosphodiesterase which catalyses the hydrolysis of both DND and RNA at the 5' position of the phophodiester bond to yield a 3'-mononucleotides and polynucleotides.
MechansimThe hydrolysis proceeds via direct nucleophilic attack on phosphate with formation of a five-coordinate, trigonal bipyramidal transition state or meta-stable intermediate followed by breakdown to from the product.
The attacking nucleophile is a water molecule coordinated to the Ca2+ ion. Ca2+ facilitates the generation of hydroxide ion to allow its nucleophilic attack on the phosphate group. It also stabilises the transition state. Arg35 and Arg87 stabilise the transition state via bidentate hydrogen bonding. Arg87 is also the general acid that protonates the 5'-hydroxyl leaving group.

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ResidueChainNumberUniProtKB NumberFunctional PartFunctionTargetDescription
ArgA35117macie:sideChainIt stabilises the negatively charged transition state via bidentate hydrogen bonding.
ArgA87169macie:sideChainIt stabilises the transition state via bidentate hydrogen bonding and acts as an acid to protonate the 5'-hydroxyl leaving group.

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