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E.C. namefactor-independent urate hydroxylase
SpeciesAspergillus flavus (Fungus)
E.C. Number (IntEnz)
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CSA Entries With UniProtID Q00511
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Literature Report

IntroductionUrate oxidase is an essential enzyme involved in purine degradation pathway. It is responsible for the conversion of uric acid to allantoin, thus catalysing the oxidative ring opening of the purine ring in the degradative pathway.
The enzyme is lacking in humans, it can therefore be used as a protein drug to treat / reduce toxic uric acid accumulation.
The active enzyme is a homotetramer, each dimer can be considered as a porin-like structure, with the 16 antiparallel strands superimposed in a reverse handed manner on those from a porin, the helices taking the place of the membrane.
The enzyme is a member of a family of proteins with multimeric barrels face to face related by two-fold symmetry, proposed to be a new family of tunnel-shaped proteins.
MechansimUrate oxidase catalyses the first step of the oxidation of uric acid. This reaction is followed by several uncatalysed steps to give allantoin. There is no prosthetic group or metal ion present in the catalytic reaction.
Unlike the oxidases, urate oxidase has no functionalgroups involved in the catalytic mechanism. The enzyme's catalytic activity results from isolating its substrates in the optimum geometry for the reaction to occur.
Uric acid is stabilised as a dianion by urate oxidase through hydrogen bonds with ARG 176 and GLN 228. GLN 228 is positioned to anchor the purine ring.

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Literature References

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