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E.C. namealcohol dehydrogenase
SpeciesEquus caballus (Horse)
E.C. Number (IntEnz)
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Literature Report

IntroductionAlcohol dehydrogenase is the enzyme responsible for the conversion of alcohol to acetaldehyde that occurs in the cytoplasm, one of the three routes whereby acetaldehyde can be formed from alcohol before it passes into the mitochondria for the completion of the breakdown process. As a result the enzyme plays a vital role in alcohol metabolism, and inability to process alcohol is most commonly caused by deficiency. The enzyme relies on NAD+ as a cofactor for the reaction, and belongs to the zinc containing dehydrogenase family, class I subfamily.
MechansimThe enzyme is able to oxidise alcohol using concomitant reduction of NAD+. The substrate binds to a zinc ion at the active site, which allows deprotonation of the OH group by Ser 48 and His 51 in a proton relay system, because the zinc ion stabilises the oxyanion thus reducing the pKa of the OH to around 8.4. This allows hydride transfer from C2 to the NAD+ with the oxygen lone pair overlapping with the sigma* orbital of C2 to create the double bond that characterises the product.

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ResidueChainNumberUniProtKB NumberFunctional PartFunctionTargetDescription
SerA4849macie:sideChainActs as a general base to deprotonate the OH group of the alcohol substrate.
HisA5152macie:sideChainReduces the pKa of Ser 48 by accepting a proton from it to allow it to act as a general base

Literature References

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